Hand Injury: Fisherman Rescued From Maryland Coast

According to WMDT-TV, on August 22, a fisherman needed to be medevaced by the U.S. Coast Guard off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland after he severely injured his hand.

The victim, 23, reportedly deeply lacerated his hand at around 8 a.m. when he was fishing on the 96-foot commercial vessel Hannah Boden. Representatives from the Coast Guard said that the vessel was about 62 miles offshore when the incident occurred.

The man was transported to the Ocean City Municipal Airport, where EMS workers evaluated him, and was then transported to Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore by a Maryland State helicopter crew.

The accident remains under investigation and it is unclear how the man cut his hand.

Can a Maritime Attorney Help with a Hand Injury Accident?

Although hand injuries may not sound serious in nature, for maritime workers including fishermen and seamen, they can be devastating. Finger amputations, severed tendons, deep lacerations, severe burns and crushed bones can leave workers struggling to perform duties and can have a drastic affect on employment.

This is why maritime workers who suffer hand injuries have special rights under the Jones Act, as well as general maritime law. Through litigation, hand injury victims can seek damages that can help pay for medical treatment including rehabilitation and therapy, and depending upon the magnitude of injury, prosthetic devices.  Damages also include the pain and suffering the victims endure and compensation for the physical disfigurement.   Over the years, Latti & Anderson LLP has represented fisherman who have injured their hand being crushed by dredges and nets to hands being pulled into capstans and winches and have obtained millions of dollars for hand injuries and amputations.

If you have suffered a hand injury in a maritime accident, speak to our attorneys. Our maritime law firm can investigate the incident that led to your injury and prove that an employer was at fault. We have a history of success in helping maritime workers obtain compensation for their injuries.

In the video above, attorney David Anderson explains the importance of obtaining counsel following a maritime injury. You can contact us at the number located on this page or fill out the request form.

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