Boston Maritime Attorneys Take Closer Look at Florida Inner Tube Accident

Boston Maritime Attorneys Take Closer Look at Florida Inner Tube Accident

WSVN-TV reported that a 14-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy were injured in a boating accident on January 27. The girl was caught in the propeller of a boat after she fell off an inner tube in northern Biscayne Bay off the Julia Tuttle Causeway. According to WSVN, Sea Tow and fire rescue workers freed the girl from the propeller.

“We were able to get her free, get her aboard my vessel, and take the young lady and the other child that was injured over to Mount Sinai Hospital for them to take care of them,” Sea Tow Captain Brett Sternbach told WSVN. The teenage girl suffered deep cuts to her leg, but no details were provided about the young boy’s condition.

Similar to water skiing accidents, many inner tubing injuries are often the result of the driver’s error in going to fast, driving erratically and inattention.  All boat operators should be experienced and there should be an observer, a person onboard the vessel, watching the  individual on the skis or in the tube to make sure he/she is safe. The observer is also watching for other boats in the area to prevent the individuals  riding in tubes or on skis to be struck by another boat.   Driver error and failure to have observer are examples of negligent conduct and a tuber or waterskier injured as a result of negligence may be entitled to damages under the law.

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