Boston Maritime Trial Lawyers Discuss San Diego Whale Watching Tour Death, Passenger Injuries

KGTV-TV reported that 85-year-old Mary Ann Lanyon died after falling down some stairs on the MARIETTA, a 100-foot two-deck tour boat operated by San Diego Harbor Excursions. Lanyon’s husband, Wally was too upset to speak on camera with KGTV, but called the story “awful.” A statement from Flagship Cruises & Events, the luxury brand of San Diego Harbor Excursions, said Lanyon was on a whale watching cruise with her daughter.

KGTV reported that the US Coast Guard was investigating the accident, which occurred about five miles offshore. Lanyon was taken to the pier at the foot of West Broadway before being turned over to paramedics who took her to UCSD Medical Center, where she was declared dead. The Coast Guard told KGTV that a previous incident on the safety record of the MARIETTA involved another passenger who fell down a stairs in 2006.

A proper investigation needs to be done as to the condition of the stairs at the time of the accident.  Falls down stairs are often the result of lack of non skid surface, improper railings or lack of, improper tread  and riser height, to lack of warnings.  It is very important to have photographs of the stairs at the time of the accident.  For many vessels, there are certain regulations pertaining to requirements for the stairs so it is important to examine the stairs, take measurements and investigate all the circumstances surrounding an accident.

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