Choosing a Maritime Attorney

Choosing a Maritime Attorney

If you find yourself dealing with an attorney death during an ongoing maritime lawsuit, you have an important decision to make: who will represent you going forward? Although your previous attorney’s estate may work out a deal with another lawyer or firm, you have the right to choose who will represent you.

The attorney’s estate stands to earn a higher percentage of your case if you go with the predetermined lawyer or firm, so you may feel pushed in that direction. Just remember that you always have the right to choose whatever attorney or law firm you want, and other attorneys may have stronger qualifications and more experience.

Whether you have a new or pending maritime lawsuit, here are some qualifications you may want to look for when choosing legal representation:

  • Specializes in maritime law, which differs from land-based law
  • Understands both domestic and international maritime law and how they intersect
  • Has experience handling the type of maritime accident or injury that has affected you
  • Understands the laws protecting maritime workers, such as the Jones Act
  • Has obtained substantial verdicts and settlements for past clients and been successful going up against various companies

At Latti & Anderson LLP, our Boston maritime attorneys not only meet the above qualifications, we truly care about our clients. If you have suffered a maritime injury, or if your family member died in a maritime accident, we will fight to get you fair and just compensation, so you can focus on healing and moving forward.

Visit our website to learn about your rights under maritime law, and call us toll free at (800) 392-6072 to discuss your new or ongoing case with a knowledgeable Boston maritime attorney.

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