Fisherman Critically Injured Aboard Vessel

A Massachusetts fisherman was rushed to the hospital after he fell 14 feet from a ladder to a deck on his boat in September, according to the Gloucester Times. The fisherman was working on the VENTURE fishing vessel at the time of the accident and was rushed by paramedics to the Lahey Clinic in Burlington.

The fall victim was identified as David Peppard, 53. Paramedics arrived on the boat and found Peppard lying on his back. Peppard had a large laceration on his head and told rescuers he could not move his feet, legs or back. According to other crewmembers, Peppard fell from the latter while the boat was loading ice. Peppard remains in the hospital.

A thorough investigation of this accident is necessary to determine what exactly caused the fall, and if any conditions or hazards made the VENTURE unseaworthy. Was there anything or anyone holding and stabilizing the ladder while Peppard was on it?

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