South Boston’s Black Falcon Port Set to Break Records in 2012

Cruiseport Boston is on pace to set a record for the number of passengers using the South Boston “Black Falcon” terminal as a point of departure or call in 2012, with over 350,000 estimated passengers. Black Falcon first opened to cruise ships in 1986 and was recently renovated for $11 million in 2010.  The port’s use for tourism is estimated to bring over $452 million to the area economy, with $25 million going to local restaurants and shops nearby.

The owner and operator of Cruiseport Boston, a company called Massport, credited the boost in passengers to the bustling cruise line industry. Massport is estimating it will have 112 cruise ships pass through Black Falcon, a slight increase over the 107 that came through in 2011. Every year, the port attracts larger ships, including the 3,100 passenger Caribbean Princess and the 2,974 passenger Carnival Glory that came through this year.

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