You Always Have the Right to Choose Your Own Attorney and Discharge Your Attorney

If you have filed a maritime lawsuit against a negligent employer, drunk boater, irresponsible cruise line or other party, and your attorney passes away while the case is pending or you are no longer happy with your current attorney’s representation of you, you have the right to choose new legal representation. You always have the right to choose which attorney or law firm handles your case — from start to finish in any lawsuit.

When an attorney dies, his or her practice may be sold to another attorney or law firm, which is not always in the best interest of individual clients. The custom of selling a deceased attorney’s practice is legal in Massachusetts, because it enables representation to be transferred quickly and expedites the process of compensating the attorney’s estate.

One downside to this practice, however, is that clients are often pushed toward predetermined attorneys regardless of whether an attorney is the best choice to handle a particular case. The estate stands to earn a higher percentage if a client goes with the predetermined attorney, so they have a stake in who you choose.

If you have a pending maritime lawsuit and your attorney dies, you are not obligated to choose a particular attorney or law firm to take over your case. You always have the right to choose any lawyer you want, at any time. You are free to find an attorney who you feel has the right qualifications and who you believe will best represent your interests.

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