Fourth of July Boating Safety Tips

Latti and Anderson LLP expects the Coast Guard to be busy this coming fourth of July based upon Memorial Day numbers. Just in the Mid-Atlantic region of New Jersey to North Carolina, there were 49 search and rescue cases reported in the unofficial summer recreational boating season kickoff.  Latti and Anderson LLP, suggests you follow the Coast Guard advice and conduct your vessel examination to identify future problems with your recreational watercraft that may lead to potentially life-threatening situations. Help the Coast Guard this Fourth of July by not becoming a statistic.  Make a vessel checklist, conduct your safety inspections, and prepare your watercraft for all that you may encounter during this recreational watercraft special time of year.

Latti and Anderson LLP wants to help you avoid being a Coast Guard search and rescue case this Fourth of July.  We want you to enjoy the Summer holiday season with friends and family.  The following is a list of things to consider and prepare:

  • Having emergency contact numbers, making an itinerary, telling family and friends your plans
  • Flares, air horns, battery-powered radios, charged cell phone
  • Life jackets, ropes and anchors, paddles, additional floatation devices
  • Full tanks of gasoline, extra bottles of water, first aid kit, sunscreen, and protective wear
  • Prohibiting alcohol as boating under the influence decreases the operators and/or passengers’ ability to make sound judgments and negatively affects the ability to respond in a situation
  • No overloading watercraft
  • Only operators with boating instructions, education, experience and/or knowledge
  • Abide local waterway rules, buoys and markers and take extra caution in no wake zones or due to increased vessel traffic
  • Avoid excessive speed, unsafe turns, and unsafe operations and conditions
  • Keep a weather eye as weather conditions can change intravenously. The National Weather Service broadcasts forecasts regularly.  On VHF-FM Marine radios forecast is heard on channels one through five or check NWS website at

Latti and Anderson LLP wants you to enjoy your recreational watercraft this Fourth of July. We hope that you keep safety first.  Be a part of the solution and make this your safest summer yet.

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