If you have ever wondered what it’s like on a fishing vessel, now is the time to find out and learn about a scallop vessel. The New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center has an exciting new exhibit that offers a replica of a scallop vessel. At the exhibit, you can stand in the wheelhouse, view all the controls and the ocean in front of you, see the dredge which is used to harvest the scallops, to the shucking box used to separate the scallops from the shell, sit in a galley and see the bunks that the crew sleep in.

On April 15, the exhibit More than a Job: Work and Community in New Bedford’s Fishing Industry opened. This exhibit features a replica working deck, scallop dredge, galley table, bunks, historic images and footage, and more than sixty audio clips sharing the many voices of the fishing community. The new exhibit will provide visitors with an introduction to the workings of the fishing industry as well as explore themes including labor history, immigration, sustainability, and the changing nature of work and community.

Visit the New Bedford Heritage Center and learn hands-on about a scallop vessel. The New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center will be open Thursday-Sunday, 10:00 am-4:00 pm. Admission is free. Learn more about visiting the Fishing Heritage Center by www.fishingheritagecenter.org.