Grand Circle Cruises Maritime Injury Lawyer

Grand Circle Cruises Maritime Injury Lawyer

When you buy a ticket for a cruise, the last thing on your mind is sustaining a maritime injury during your trip. Unfortunately, injuries and accidents do occur on cruise ships through negligence and can be through no fault of your own.

If you or a loved one has sustained a maritime injury on a vacation getaway from Grand Circle Cruise Line, or another cruise agency, you have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit. The maritime attorneys at Latti & Anderson LLP can help you fight for the compensation you deserve – the right way.

Maritime Injuries on Grand Circle Cruises

Latti & Anderson LLP has filed claims against cruise ships for a number of injuries, regardless of their cause, whether you were on the water or other circumstances. We have successfully represented clients pursuing compensation for:

  • Collisions
  • Injuries due to rough weather
  • Falling overboard and drowning
  • Food poisoning
  • Legionnaires’ Disease
  • Slips and falls on decks, dance floors, loose carpet, stairs, gangways, and other hazards
  • Physical or sexual assault, whether between passengers or involving crew members

The truth is, there are limited laws to protect victims on cruise ships, even though cruise lines are required to report crimes to the FBI, U.S. Coast Guard and authorities. This makes it absolutely essential to work with an experienced maritime law firm like Latti & Anderson LLP. We’ll pursue your maritime injury damages against Grand Circle Cruises or another cruise agency, and take care of all the legal nuances of your unique case.

Get Started Filing a Claim Against Grand Circle Cruises

After you’ve sustained an injury on a Grand Circle cruises, time is of the essence. The first thing you should look at is the ticket you bought for your trip. Your ticket will provide information about giving notice to the cruise ship, how long you have to file a claim, where you have to file your claim, and where you can take your case to court or whether you have to arbitrate your claim.

Generally, in the ticket, the time period to give notice to the cruise ship is 6 months from date of illness, injury or death. The time period to file a lawsuit or arbitration is generally one year from the date of illness, injury or death. If you do not give timely notice or file a lawsuit within the stated time period in the ticket, you will be barred from bringing any claim.

Additionally, the ticket will contain provisions as to the forum – the place where you can bring your claim.  It is important that you read this provision carefully because if you do not bring your claim, whether a lawsuit or arbitration, in the place stated in the ticket, your case or arbitration will be dismissed.

Generally, Grand Circle’s Passenger Agreement requires that any claim must be brought within one year from the date of illness, injury or death.  Further, some of Grand Circle’s Passenger agreement mandates that any claim is arbitrated in Boston, Massachusetts, to the exclusion of other forums, and that even Massachusetts law applies in certain aspects.

The Boston law firm of Latti & Anderson LLP has experience in successfully handling all types of claims against Grand Circle Cruises.  Due to the complex nature of claims against Grand Circle Cruises, it is important that you contact Latti & Anderson LLP to get compensation for your illness, assault, or other maritime injury. We will advise you of your rights, analyze your case, and tirelessly advocate on your behalf. Simply call our toll-free number at 1-800-392-6072 to schedule your confidential consultation.