Can Sandblasting Lead to Health and Safety Violations at a Shipyard?

Can Sandblasting Lead to Health and Safety Violations at a Shipyard?

The shipbuilding company VT Halter Marine’s in Pascagoula, Mississippi is set to pay a civil fine of $144,545 to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality for several violations, including allowing sandblasting particles and paint to become airborne.

Complaints had been launched against the owner of the shipyard, Singapore Technologies Engineering. The department had found 44 violations committed by VT Halter Marine, which had been working at the shipyard.

How Can Lazy Enforcement of Safety Standards at a Shipyard Hurt Me?

Shipyards and the companies that work at shipyards are expected to follow several health and safety precautions to prevent on the job injuries. Poor enforcement of these policies can lead to common shipyard hazards such as poorly-maintained equipment, long-term exposure to paints or solvents, slip and fall accidents or inadequate safety protocols.

Should I Contact a Maritime Trial Lawyer If I Am Injured in a Shipyard?

Maritime attorney David Anderson strongly recommends talking to a maritime attorney before talking to an insurance company if you have been injured in a shipyard or on a ship. The main goal of the insurance company is to get the victim to that the accident was the injured persons fault and not that of the insured. A statement given to an insurance company can often hurt your case. In short, it is better to talk to an experienced maritime prior to speaking to the insurance company so that you can understand your rights and what the insurance company is trying to prove.

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