‘Challenging Rescue’ of Seaman Injured on Bulk Freighter

‘Challenging Rescue’ of Seaman Injured on Bulk Freighter

The Canadian daily newspaper The Province reported that a seaman injured on a ship off the coast of British Columbia was rescued December 13, 2012, in a “challenging” operation by a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) helicopter rescue team. The crewmember was performing maintenance below deck on THE ROOK, a nearly 700-foot bulk freighter, when a machine caused a serious injury to one of his limbs.

According to The Province, THE ROOK was travelling through stormy seas roughly 70 miles west of Tofino, and an RCAF Search and Rescue team arrived as the ship rolled in nearly 20-foot waves. Captain Trevor Reid told The Province that the rescue was a difficult situation because of the effect the waves had on THE ROOK, and the helicopter had to maneuver between two tall cranes and antenna. “It was tricky for the pilot and the flight engineer to contend with,” Reid told The Province. “It was a challenging rescue for them.”

The injured seaman was taken to the coast guard station in Victoria and then to hospital via ambulance, but The Province said his condition was unknown. The Boston maritime firm of Latti & Anderson LLP knows that injuries sustained on large freighters can be extremely frightening experiences, but we also understand that many of these accidents could have been prevented. Mechanical failures or machine malfunctions are often the result of an employer failing to properly maintain equipment, and these types of unseaworthiness on a vessel can entitle workers to compensation for their injuries.

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