Coast Guard Rescues Possible Heart Attack Victim from a Fishing Vessel Off the Coast of Mass.

Coast Guard Rescues Possible Heart Attack Victim from a Fishing Vessel Off the Coast of Mass.

The U.S. Coast Guard recently rescued a maritime worker who was experiencing symptoms of a possible heart attack while on a fishing vessel about 60 miles southeast of Nantucket, Mass. The 46-year-old’s symptoms included severe chest pains, heavy breathing, and tingling, clammy hands, prompting his shipmates to contact the Coast Guard for assistance. A Coast Guard helicopter transported the man to a hospital in Cape Cod.

Unfavorable sea conditions and the boat’s rigging prevented the helicopter crew from being able to lower a rescue swimmer down to assist the man, and they instead had to lower a rescue basket onto the deck of the vessel. The man climbed in the basket and was lifted safely into the helicopter. Once aboard the helicopter, the man received life-saving medications while en route to the hospital.

When maritime workers are sick or injured at sea, they cannot simply call 9-1-1 to request an ambulance or hop in a car and drive to the hospital. They must rely on their fellow crewmembers and the Coast Guard in the event they need medical attention for a serious injury or illness.

Several maritime laws protect injured and sick maritime workers, including:

  • Jones Act
  • Longshore Act
  • Maintenance and cure laws
  • Unseaworthiness and defective equipment laws

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