Crew Survives After Merchant Vessel Splits In Two Off Mumbai Coast

The Savannah Morning News reported that the Comfort, a Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) container vessel, split in two last month during inclement weather off the coast of Yemen. The incident occurred about 840 miles west of Mumbai, and the Coast Guard reported that the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre in Mumbai diverted three nearby ships for the rescue operation. The entire 26-member crew was able to survive, using two life rafts and a lifeboat to escape the Comfort and await the rescue ships.

The Comfort, a 1,036-foot vessel, was carrying 4,500 containers from Saudi Arabia to Singapore when it ran into inclement weather and began to split in two. The cause of the incident was still under investigation at the time of the Savannah Morning News report. In addition, there had been no report at that time of what was in the containers the ship was carrying.

This incident could’ve been caused by something in the containers, such as hazardous materials, or it could’ve been the result of the ship being in unseaworthy condition. However, even if neither of those was the cause of the incident, if any type of negligence put the crew of the Comfort in harm’s way through no fault of their own, those responsible need to be held accountable, and the crew may be entitled to compensation for any maritime injuries they suffered. Fortunately, unlike other ship sinking cases, this one did not involve any fatalities, but if it had, the families of the victims might’ve been entitled to a wrongful death claim.

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