Fisherman Suffers Facial Injury

A 46-year-old man was airlifted from a New Bedford, Mass., fishing vessel on May 21 after being hit by gear and suffering an injury to his face. The F/V OSPREY was about 98 miles east of Cape Cod when a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter crew hoisted the injured man from the vessel. He was flown to Boston Logan International Airport, where he was transferred to an ambulance for transport to Boston Medical Center.

According to Petty Officer 1st Class Jacob Page, “Originally it wasn’t recommended to medevac the crewman because his injuries didn’t seem to be severe. However, when the man’s condition began to deteriorate, we decided it would be best to get him to advanced medical care for treatment.” Although details about the man’s condition have not been released, severe facial injuries can result in brain injuries, disfigurement, persistent pain, and permanent sight, speech, breathing, hearing or swallowing impairments.

On fishing vessels, it is very important that prior to operating gear, the operator of the gear checks to makes sure all crewmembers are away from a zone of danger where they could get hit by gear. He should also make sure he has gotten a signal from a crew on deck that it is okay to proceed.  On fishing vessels, many times crew members are hit by gear when an operator fails to follow this custom, practice and procedure.  The failure to follow this procedure is both negligence and unseaworthiness and entitles a fisherman to damages under the law. Latti & Anderson LLP has over 50 years of experience representing  fisherman and their families.

A maritime attorney helps fishermen and other maritime workers pursue claims under the Jones Act, the Longshore Act, maintenance and cure laws, unseaworthiness and defective equipment laws, and even state workers’ compensation. Determining which laws apply to a particular case involves evaluating a number of factors — a maritime attorney has the knowledge and experience to make that determination.

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