Fisherman Suffers Major Electrical Shock

On June 8, the Coast Guard airlifted a 43-year-old fisherman from the F/V CAPE HORN in the Bering Sea to Dillingham, Alaska, after he suffered heart complications from a major electrical shock. According to media reports, the unidentified man was working on the 145-foot vessel’s electrical switchboard when he received a 480-volt jolt. The ship was about 172 miles northwest of Dillingham when the crew radioed the Coast Guard for help. No details were released concerning the victim’s identity or condition.

Latti & Anderson LLP has handled similar case as above.  Recently, we obtained a $2.5 million verdict against the United States for a crew member who received an electrical shock while replacing a light bulb on a mast on a roll on/roll off vessel.  It is very important that in electrical injury cases, the injured party obtains the appropriate medical treatment with doctors that specialize in electrical injury. Additionally, it is important that the employer and/or any governmental entity properly investigates the accident.

When a fishing accident results in serious injury, the victim may be entitled to compensation under the Jones Act, maintenance and cure laws, or other maritime statutes. And when an accident proves deadly, the victim’s family may have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Maritime law is complicated and involves both U.S. and international regulations. A number of factors influence the type and amount of compensation available to injured maritime workers, including:

  • The worker’s status as a seaman
  • Where the accident occurred
  • Extent of the worker’s injuries and ability to return to work
  • Nature and cause of the accident

Maritime attorneys specialize in maritime law. They have the necessary resources to investigate a fishing accident on the victim’s behalf, and they know how to prove employer negligence or unseaworthiness.

Were you injured in a fishing accident, or was your loved one killed in one? Contact an experienced Boston maritime attorney today to learn about your legal rights.

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