Liverpool Amphibious Tourist Vehicle Sinks

In June, a Yellow Duckmarine, an amphibious tourist vehicle popular in Liverpool, England, carrying more than 30 passengers sank, according to The Telegraph. The Yellow Duckmarine began to slowly sink after completing its big finish, known as the “splashdown” landing, where the vehicle drives down a ramp into the water.

Several agencies rushed to the scene to help with the rescue operation. Initially, the passengers were moved onto a pontoon as the amphibious vehicle sank. From there, all the passengers were evacuated safely, according to North West Ambulance Service.

“Three people have been rescued by firefighters from the water,” said Dan Stephens, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service’s Chief Fire Officer. “We have had assistance from a number of agencies on scene. We are working with police, ambulance and coastguard to account for everyone on board. All firefighters on Merseyside are trained in still water rescue to allow them to safely enter canals and lakes and dock areas, such as in this incident, to help rescue anyone in need.”

This is not the first accident this year involving a Yellow Duckmarine vessel. Back in April, after a similar ship sinking case, tourists had to be rescued from the freezing River Mersey. After Yellow Duckmarine conducted an investigation, three of their four vessels were cleared to continue with the tour’s famous “splashdown” landing, which was even enjoyed by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in May of last year as a part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

It is important with any tourist boats that the Companies that own and operate the vessel comply with the appropriate safety standards and regulations, provide proper training to crew and have appropriate life saving equipment on the vessel to help prevent these types of tragedies that occur too often.

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