Maritime Amputation Victim? Jones Act Attorneys Have Recovered Millions

Suffering an injury on the water which requires the amputation of any part  of your body is devastating. For the injured party, not only does the person have to deal with the physical pain but with the psychological aspect of losing a part of your body which can be overwhelming.  It is very important with amputations, that the injured party continue with proper medical treatment including follow up visits, rehabilitation and then, focus on whether there are any prosthesis available for the injured party. If you were injured on the water and you were working when you were injured, your employer is responsible for the payment of your medical bills and for any medical equipment you may need.

It is also important that the proper investigation occur into the cause of the injury.  In many instances defective or poorly maintained equipment may be the cause.  In some instances, amputations can occur from the removal of safety equipment or lack of safety equipment.  In several of our cases, amputations were the result of the failure to properly train crew members on how to work equipment.

Whatever the cause, it is important for maritime amputation victims to speak to an admiralty lawyer to discuss the various issues that you face.  If you or a loved one has lost a body part due to an accident at sea, you will need a Boston maritime attorney who will work to make sure your amputation settlement includes considerations for how the injury impacts your life. In addition to establishing any negligence or unseaworthiness factors that may have caused the loss of an appendage, the damages victims receive should also account for how the injury will affect their future work abilities, their basic everyday skills and any pain and suffering involved in the accident.

Latti & Anderson LLP has obtained several multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements under the Jones Act and general maritime law for maritime amputation victims. These include: $2.45 million for a man who had a below knee leg amputation after a winch malfunctioned; $1.45 million for a longshoreman who suffered an amputation after the tail swing of a forklift ran over his legs and feet; and $1.02 million for a man who underwent finger amputation and suffered permanent damage to his right hand while working as a chief engineer aboard a hopper dredge. Recently, Latti & Anderson LLP recovered $1.4 million to a crew member who lost four fingers when he has hand was pulled into the capstan and all four fingers, except his thumb,  were severed off being crushed between the capstan and the rope.

You can find more information about the Jones Act on our website. If you or a loved one has suffered an amputation while working in a maritime setting, use the form located on this page to let our Jones Act attorneys review your case or contact our firm at (800) 392-6072 to schedule an appointment.

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