Officer in Charge of Queen of the North Ferry Found Guilty of Criminal Negligence

Former B.C. Ferries office Karl Lilgert has been found guilty of criminal negligence causing death in the 2006 sinking of Queen of the North. The ferry struck an island off the northern coast of British Columbia and sunk, leaving two passengers still missing to this day. The ship struck the island due to a missed turn in the Wright Sound.

Lilgert was a deckhand filling in as the ship’s fourth officer when the ferry sank and was charged in 2010 with two counts of criminal negligence causing death. It is alleged that Lilgert was negligent in his duties when he missed the turn and failed to correct it and attempt to avoid the island, or even slow down the ferry.

Lilgert was an experienced mariner but could not explain in his defense why the ferry struck the island, though his lawyers claimed unreliable equipment was to blame.

Even a short moment of negligence on ferries can cause major injury or even death. Ferries operate in rough weather conditions and can increase the chance for ferry accidents to occur. Many times, injuries on ferries occur due to human error and someone’s negligence to provide proper safety for passengers. If you or a loved one have been injured or killed in a ferry accident, contact our office today by calling (800) 392-6072.