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A recent ferry accident in Sydney, Australia injured eight people on October 7, reminding us that ferries have a high potential for collisions when waters are rough. The vessel operating in Sydney hit a support structure at Wharf 5 off the Paramatta River, injuring eight people including two adults and a child that suffered from jaw pain, knee pain and a cut lip. Seven people were treated and the scene and one was sent to a local hospital with severe jaw injuries. Harbor City Ferries is investigating the accident.

Another ferry accident occurred in Nigeria in September that occurred when the weather turned stormy. At least 42 people drowned and over 200 victims are missing after the ferry completely fell apart due to unexpected weather, according to the Associated Press. Ferries often operate under poor conditions, and sometimes unexpected weather can cause major collisions on these vessels.

Hong Kong also recently marked the first anniversary on October 1 of the ferry disaster near Lamma Island that claimed 39 lives and was the city’s worst maritime disaster in more than 40 years.

Our maritime trial lawyers have represented crew members that have been hurt on board ferries due to the boat owner and employer’s failure to properly maintain equipment from winches, capstans, lines to deck surfaces to failure to provide proper safety equipment. We have also helped passengers on board ferries that have been injured due to collisions due to captain or crew member errors, as well as those who have been injured boarding or departing ferries from slips and falls down stairwells. The Jones Act attorneys at Latti & Anderson LLP have successfully proven negligence in ferry accidents and gotten the justice and compensation victims deserve.

Whether you are a ferry worker needing assistance or a passenger that was involved in a ferry collision or injury on a ferry, our nationwide maritime attorneys can help you. Contact our ferry accident attorneys today to discuss your case at (800) 392-6072.

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