Tennessee Fisherman Dead After Boating Accident

Athens fisherman Anthony Szozda is dead after running his boat into a low-hanging power line over the Tennessee River and nearly decapitating himself. Szozda was participating in a bass tournament when the accident occurred. Trinity resident Jonathan Poole was driving a boat close behind the victim when he spotted the power line just above the water.

The boats were going about 70 mph when Szozda’s boat hit the power line. Poole managed to stop his boat before hitting the power line. Szozda suffered severe above-shoulder injuries and was almost completely decapitated by the low-hanging line.

The Tennessee Valley Authority had been working on the power line during the time of the accident. A spokesperson for TVA was unaware of the accident and declined to comment, according to the Decatur Daily.

Recreational boating accidents are common among people engaged in water sports. If TVA is found to be negligent and held responsible for the victim’s death, they may have to pay compensation to his family for their loss. Maritime deaths can be extremely difficult for families to work through and oftentimes there are few witnesses to the tragedies that occur at sea. If you or a loved one have been injured or killed on the water, you need an experienced maritime attorney on your side to protect your rights. Contact our boating accident lawyers today for a free consultation of your case.

Latti & Anderson’s Little Extra: The Coast Guard counted 4, 515 accidents resulting in 651 deaths as a result of recreational boating accidents in 2012.

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