When is National Lobster Day?

You may want to enjoy a nice lobster dinner with melted butter next Friday because it has been designated National Lobster Day.

Two sponsors who pushed to designate September 25 as National Lobster Day, Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, released a statement about why the day is important for people in the northeast.

“The lobster industry has made remarkable contributions to [our state’s] history, culture and economy, bringing shellfish enthusiasts in from across the country and generating millions of dollars for the state annually,” the statement read. “But the reality is that our lobster stocks are declining rapidly due to poor environmental conditions in Long Island Sound, and Connecticut fisherman and businesses are suffering because of it.”

Recent media reports suggest that lobsters are moving further north in the New England area to avoid warming ocean waters. This is greatly affecting lobstermen who rely on them for financial support. By purchasing lobsters in local restaurants and stores, you can help support your local seafood suppliers. In addition, you can help raise awareness about the issues that lobstermen are currently facing.

How Our Nationwide Maritime Injury Attorneys Help Lobstermen

We are happy that there is an effort to raise awareness about the commercial lobster industry. Many people are unaware of the obstacles that lobstermen face on the job and how important their work is to local economies.

With this in mind, our nationwide maritime attorneys represent commercial lobstermen who are injured in accidents. Often, lobstermen are injured when operators fail to establish proper safety procedures, fail to adjust worker duties during dangerous weather conditions or when they send unseaworthy vessels out for activities.

Maritime litigation can be confusing—if you are an injured commercial fisherman, lobsterman or crabber, talk to our attorneys about your legal rights. There may be multiple laws that apply to your case, including the Jones Act.

Visit our verdicts and settlements to see how we have helped lobstermen. Our firm has obtained million dollar awards for maritime accident victims. In one case, we obtained $1.2 million in damages for the families of three lobstermen who were lost at sea when a buoy failed to work.

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