56-Year-Old Crabber Killed in Collision with Tug and Barge

56-Year-Old Crabber Killed in Collision with Tug and Barge

A man died this summer when his crab boat collided with a tug and barge in Port Arthur, Texas. 56-year-old John Tran was the only victim of the accident when he collided with the tugboat Father Seelos. The tugboat was in a high-traffic section of the lake when the accident happened.

Investigators are looking into whether the tug and barges were traveling in the appropriate channel, and whether the lead barge or another barge struck the crab boat. Tran’s body was found the day after the collision.

If it is discovered that the barges were traveling in an illegal channel, the driver or owner of the tug and barge may be held liable for damages to Tran’s family. Tug and barge accidents are typically caused by weak lines, collisions, improper procedures or lack of safety equipment. These accidents often leave one or more maritime workers injured or dead. Victims of these accidents may be eligible for compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish and medical bills.

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