Avoiding Cruise Ship Sexual Assaults: Tips for How to Stay Safe

Avoiding Cruise Ship Sexual Assaults: Tips for How to Stay Safe

According to a 2009 article by CNN, the FBI identified sexual and physical assaults as the leading crimes committed onboard cruise ships in recent years. It is extremely important for cruise lines to provide adequate security and take all reasonable steps to keep passengers safe, because cruise passengers are isolated on the ship and are therefore especially vulnerable. Even though cruise lines can and should take measures to protect passengers from sexual assault and other crimes, passengers should not rely solely on the cruise line when it comes to ensuring their safety.

Passengers can minimize their risk of becoming a victim of cruise ship sexual assault by:

  • Always being aware of their surroundings
  • Reporting suspicious people and behavior to ship security
  • Drinking responsibly and never leaving drinks unattended
  • Setting a curfew for children and not letting them roam the ship unattended
  • Keeping their cabin door locked
  • Not opening their cabin door to anyone unexpected
  • Being careful when allowing staff into their cabin
  • Avoiding restricted areas that are for authorized personnel only
  • Having scheduled check-in times with travel companions and knowing where each person is at all times

When a cruise ship sexual assault occurs, a maritime attorney protects the victim’s rights by investigating the facts of the case and fighting to hold the cruise line accountable for its part in failing to keep the victim safe.

Did a cruise line employee or fellow passenger sexually assault you? Learn about your legal rights from a Boston maritime attorney who combines compassion for clients with aggressiveness in the courtroom.

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One thought on “Avoiding Cruise Ship Sexual Assaults: Tips for How to Stay Safe”

  1. These are all great suggestions for cruise ship passengers. We think it is important to note that taking simple precautions like these would probably be second nature to most vacationers on land. Cruise ships are still the real world, and taking simple precautions is the best and easiest way to prevent assault and injury.

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