Butane Stove Explodes On Charter Fishing Vessel

Butane Stove Explodes On Charter Fishing Vessel

A butane stove exploded on the charter vessel DAWG DAZE on Aug. 4, causing one passenger to suffer second to third degree burns on his arm. The incident occurred roughly 28 miles off the coast of Portland, Maine. The victim’s name was not immediately released.

U.S. Coast Guard watchstanders at Sector Northern New England received a radio call about the explosion at approximately 9:52 a.m. A 47-foot motor lifeboat was dispatched with Coast Guard personnel and three Portland firefighters aboard. The lifeboat met the charter vessel about seven miles off the coast of Portland and transported the 35-year-old victim to shore. He was taken to Maine Medical Center for treatment and was listed in stable condition as of Aug. 5.

This incident stresses the importance of having well-maintained communication equipment on all marine vessels. The DAWG DAZE crew was able to issue a radio distress call and notify Coast Guard watchstanders about the injured passenger, which allowed rescuers to get him to a medical facility as quickly as possible. Every minute counts when a person is injured at sea, and a seriously injured person might die if no one can radio for help.

Ship owners have a duty to ensure their vessels are seaworthy. Vessels with missing or defective equipment, including communication equipment, are not considered seaworthy. When a maritime accident results from a vessel’s unseaworthiness, injured parties have the right to seek compensation from the owner.

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