Can I File a Lawsuit Following a Crabbing Accident?

If your loved one is a commercial angler, fisherman or crabber, and he or she has been injured or killed in a maritime accident, you should know that there are specific laws that may apply to your case.

For example, if your loved one is involved in fishing or scalloping and he or she is involved in an offshore accident, under the Jones Act, you may be able to recover damages for lost wages, pain and suffering and medical bills. To recover damages under the Jones Act, you must show that an employer’s negligence played a part, however small, in producing injuries or was involved in his or her death.

Additionally, if your loved one has been killed in an accident, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit or file a claim under the Death on the High Seas Act (DOSHA). Different laws can apply to your case, depending on where the accident occurred and whether or not your loved one was working on the ground or at sea, when an incident occurred.

In the video below, attorney Carolyn Latti discusses how maritime law is different from other forms of injury law, and why it is important for you to receive expert legal guidance.

Maryland Crabber Drowns

We bring up this subject because recently a crab fisherman in Calvert County, Maryland was found dead by police. The man reportedly drowned and was found face-up in the water in Fishing Creek on August 19.

The man, 60, reportedly fell into the water when he was checking on crab pots from a pier. The man’s death remains under investigation and it is unclear if he was crabbing commercially or privately.

Maritime Law is Notoriously Complex

As we noted above, because maritime law is so complex, if your loved one is injured or killed in an accident, you should contact our law firm. We have a proven record of accomplishment of representing the families of maritime accident victims.

Our maritime attorneys have obtained successful verdicts and settlements for injured clients and their family members against companies of all sizes. You can contact us at the number located on this page, or you can fill out the request form.

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