Coast Guard Rescues Hypothermic Overboard F/V STELLA Crewmember

Coast Guard Rescues Hypothermic Overboard F/V STELLA Crewmember

This video shows the US Coast Guard medevac rescue of a 35-year-old crewmember who was exhibiting signs of hypothermia after falling overboard from the 58-foot F/V STELLA on March 15. According to a Coast Guard news release, the man was exposed to 37.6 degree Fahrenheit water in Alaska’s Shelikof Strait without a survival suit for approximately 25 minutes. The Coast Guard would not identify the 35-year-old fisherman, but the agency release said that crewmen aboard the STELLA recovered the man from the ocean.

“This crew did everything right to rescue this man and this is a perfect example of why vessel crews need to practice their emergency drills monthly,” Petty Officer 1st Class Chris Cole, an operations specialist and search and rescue controller with the Coast Guard 17th District command center said in the Coast Guard release. “They were fortunate to be so close to Kodiak and our hoist capable helicopters allowing the patient to be delivered to advanced medical care in a matter of hours.”

The Coast Guard said that 20 mph winds from the southwest created four-foot seas and freezing spray. While there was no update on the 35-year-old fisherman’s condition, it is certainly very fortunate that the Coast Guard and the crew of the STELLA were able to retrieve him from the waters in time. Victims of hypothermia can often be incapable of helping themselves, and this crew deserves to be applauded for performing admirably in these conditions.

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