Coast Guard Suspends Search for Overboard MV ICE RIVER Crewmember

On February 20, the US Coast Guard suspended the search for a crewmember who reportedly fell overboard from the MV ICE RIVER approximately 50 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. The master of the 478-foot merchant vessel contacted Coast Guard watchstanders to report that a 33-year-old male crewmember was missing from the ship, and the Coast Guard and Navy searched approximately 4,430 square miles for more than 10 hours. The ICE RIVER resumed its voyage to the Panama Canal.

Crewmembers can fall overboard for a variety of reasons, and these disappearances can be extremely traumatic ordeals for the family members. Spouses, parents and children can go several years—even lifetimes—without any closure or finality. If your loved one disappeared or drowned after falling overboard, you could be entitled to compensation for any pain and suffering your loved one endured as well as damages for loss of companionship and financial support.

Latti & Anderson LLP has been handling maritime law cases for over a half-century, and one of the several multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements we have secured for clients includes a $1.1 million settlement for two crewmembers of a merchant vessel who sustained injuries during a “man overboard” safety drill. You can learn more about wrongful death actions by visiting our website. Recently, we obtained a $1.1 million settlement to the family of a fisherman who disappeared off the bow of a fishing vessel.  Liability focused on the failure of the vessel owner to have the railing that was high enough and that encompassed the entire bow.  If you or a loved one was hurt in an accident at sea, contact our firm at (800) 392-6072 to schedule a free consultation or fill out the form on this page to have our Boston maritime trial lawyers review your case.

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