Containership Pilot Loses License After Striking Philadelphia Pier

Containership Pilot Loses License After Striking Philadelphia Pier

A containership pilot has lost his license after investigators say he caused a collision into an abandoned pier by downtown Philadelphia in December 2011. According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the pilot became disoriented on the Delaware River and missed a turn, causing the collision. Investigators cited the pilot’s failure to wear his corrective eyeglasses and consult navigational equipment as factors in the accident. The state of Philadelphia suspended the pilot’s license after the accident, until his retirement about 15 months later.

According to the accident report, there were no other vessels in the area and the weather was clear at the time of the collision. The 633-foot ship hit the corner of the pier in the incident, opening a three-foot-by-92-foot hole in the starboard bow. Two ballast tanks were also punctured in the accident, as well as extensive structural damage to the internal frame of the ship. Damages to the ship were estimated at $550,000 and to the pier at $122,000. The pilot’s license required that he wear corrective lenses, and the pilot and crew stated that he was not wearing his glasses at the time of the accident.

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