Firm Secures $307,500 Settlement for Boating Accident Victim

Our firm was able to secure a $307,500 settlement for a woman who was injured in a boating accident caused by the driver hitting multiple wakes at full speed.

Prior to the incident, the woman, her best friend and several other passengers were riding in a vessel being operated by the defendant. They were returning to Falmouth after a boat ride to Martha’s Vineyard on July 4.

On the ride back, the woman was sitting on the front of the boat and facing the back of the boat. She had to hold on to the railing for security, because the driver was operating the boat at a high rate of speed.

When the vessel came upon a wake, the operator did not slow down. Instead, the driver hit the wake directly at full speed, which caused the woman to fly up in the air and slam back down on the bench she was sitting on.

Crashing onto the bench knocked the air out of the woman, who took her hand off the railing to grab her chest and catch her breath as a result. However, within a second or two, the driver hit another wake, which again sent the woman flying up in the air, even higher than before.

After flying up in the air again, the woman slammed down onto the deck. She landed on her bottom lower back area, suffering a burst compression fracture as a result.

Why Do I Need a Boating Accident Attorney?

As maritime attorney David Anderson explains in the video above, if you or a loved one have been injured on the water, it is not true that in all circumstances you would be better off hiring a lawyer. However, maritime law is complex and no matter what circumstances led to your injury, you need to know what your rights are and what options you have. Let our experienced maritime trial lawyers explain your legal rights for free.

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