Illinois Family Sues Waterway after 10-Year-Old Killed in Boating Wreck

A year after 10-year-old Tony Borcia was killed in a boating accident on Petite Lake, Illinois, his family is suing Fox Waterway Agency, claiming it failed to provide rules and regulations for safe boating.

Borcia fell out of an inflatable tube in July of 2012 and was struck by another boat. The driver of the boat, David Hatyina, pleaded guilty to using cocaine at the time of the accident and has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The Borcia family has included Spring Lake Marina in addition to the Fox Waterway Agency on the claim, seeking more than $250,000 in damages. The family claims the lake should have speed limits, signs about the dangers of using inflatable tubes, restrict sizes of boats allowed on the lake and tie off safe areas for tubing. According to the lawsuit, Petite Lake has had more than 20 percent of all boating accidents and injuries in the Chain O’ Lakes system.

The chairman of Fox Waterway, Wayne Blake, said Fox is not responsible for the tragic death, claiming the suit is “based on emotion, not reality.”

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