Is Stress Management Important in the Maritime Industry?

People who work in the maritime industry face challenges that can place high stress levels on them. Whether it is rough seas, little time with family or jobs with heavy physical demands, stress management is becoming more important.

With this in mind, recently a column in Professional Mariner by Capt. Kelly Sweeney discussed this issue. Sweeney, who lives near Seattle and regularly works on a variety of commercial vessels, discussed how he began working on a crude oil tanker at the same time as a recent maritime academy graduate.

Midway through the vessel’s work tour, the man got a letter from his girlfriend that ended their relationship. The news reportedly sent him into a depression, as he stopped shaving, wore unwashed clothes and seemed to care less about his job. Sweeney said the man told him he was not sleeping and eating well, and the quality of his work suffered.

A month later, the man reportedly left the vessel before he was due to leave. “Every mariner reacts differently to the stresses of being at sea,” Sweeney said. He noted that a 2012 study out of Italy found that many mariners suffer from long hours, a lack of sleep and high levels of physical strain.

Sweeney said that because of this, he is doing more to support his crewmembers. He noted that some vessels are now offering high-speed internet access to workers, allowing them to stay connected to loved ones. Additionally, some vessels now have designated exercise areas, while some operators have altered scheduling to give crewmembers improved rest periods.

A Maritime Attorney Can Help You Following an Accident

It is good that some operators are addressing the stress levels faced by maritime workers. High stress levels can lead to human errors, which can result in maritime accidents. When mistakes are made due to physical or mental exhaustion, injuries and deaths can occur.

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