Man Rescued after Boating Accident; Remains Hospitalized

A boating accident on the evening of September 22 near Long Island has left one man in the hospital in critical condition, according to ABC News. Six passengers were aboard the ship that went down in rough waters two miles south of the Rockway Inlet. Two young boys, ages 8 and 10, were rescued out of the water off the coast of Atlantic Beach. All six passengers were rescued and one was taken to the hospital with injuries.

Martin Safer and John Bologna were two of the rescuers at the scene. Initially only five of the passengers were rescued and one remained missing. The missing man was discovered later on by a diver from the New York Police Department and rushed to Staten Island University Hospital.

“It was incredibly lucky, just incredibly lucky,” says Nassau County Police Inspector Kenneth Lack. The accident remains under investigation, although the water conditions were extremely rough at the time of the accident. Latti & Anderson LLP has helped countless victims and their families recover damages caused by negligence in recreational boating accidents. Please contact our firm for a free consultation.

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