Marble Head Ferry Accident Attributed to Human Error

A ferry boat accident caused an evacuation of 145 passengers, four crew members and a dog last Saturday morning after the Provincetown 3 ran aground into the tiny island Nixes Mate in Marble Head. Thankfully, the response from the coast guard and police department was swift and effective. Although no passengers were reported injured at this time, plenty were upset, angry and shook up.

The ferry is operated by Bay State Cruise Company. It president, Michael Glasfeld, apologized for the accident and admitted the company’s fault. “It was operator error pure and simple, as unattractive as that truth is.” It was reported that the accident was caused by an inexperienced skipper, who was being trained by a supervising skipper on that day.

Passengers had heard a slow crunch as the ferry grounded into the sandbar and were jolted by the abrupt stop. One passenger told reporters that he saw the accident coming, as the vessel was on the wrong side of the buoys. Everyone was transferred to other vessels, including water taxis, coast guard boats and eventually another ferry.

Lt. Garrett R. Meyer is the command duty officer at Section Boston, and was quoted as remarking, “The coordinated response effort went smoothly. The response shows the professionalism and skill of our local responders.”

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