Nationwide Maritime Trial Lawyer: One Dead after Missouri River Barge Accident

A man succumbed to injuries sustained in a barge accident on the Missouri River on October 24. The man had been riding in a johnboat a day earlier when his vessel was struck by a barge being pushed by a towboat.

After the collision, crewmembers of another nearby towboat rushed to rescue the man who had fallen into the river in the accident. A worker then attempted to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation until emergency crews arrived. The victim was then taken to a local hospital, where he died early the next day.

Investigators said the victim was operating a johnboat, attempting to cross the river from a train trestle that crosses the Missouri River back to the shore when the barge struck his vessel. The U.S. Coast Guard is investigating the accident.

Barges are large vessels that can easily cause catastrophic injuries to those on other ships or boats that are hit by these massive vessels. Workers on tugboats and barges are also susceptible to injuries due to lines breaking, owners failing to maintain safety equipment or crewmember failure to close hatches properly. Injured workers on barges and tugboats can file for compensation under the Jones Act for negligence and under general maritime law for unseaworthiness.

Barge and tugboat accidents are often preventable if proper safety precautions and regulations are followed and. Safety training, proper staffing, regular maintenance, repair and investment in equipment and tools can prevent injuries and wrongful death on board these vessels.

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