No Structural Harm to I-24 Bridge in Ohio River Barge Wreck

A February 13 tugboat accident caused no structural damage to the Interstate 24 Ohio River Bridge hit by the barges being pushed by the tug. WSIL ABC 3 reported that the accident happened around midnight when the tugboat pushed at least two barges into a pier attached to the bridge.

According to a spokesperson for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, at the time of the accident, the tugboat was pushing 15 barges, and of those, at least two hit the second pier from the Kentucky side of the river. Reportedly, only six of the barges were carrying anything, loaded with corn, coal and soybeans.

No one involved in the crash was reported to have been injured. After the wreck, inspectors from the Illinois Department of Transportation examined the bridge and discovered it had sustained no structural damage in the accident.

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Latti & Anderson’s Little Extra: According to U.S. Coast Guard statistics, in 2012, vessels colliding with fixed objects caused $3,535,253 in damage.

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