Injuries on Ocean Research Vessels


Information from Experienced Maritime Attorneys

The world´s oceans are a vast laboratory for scientific research. For example, the Oceanographic Institution at Woods Hole, Massachusetts (WHOI) is a world leader in conducting research and providing educational services to advance understanding of the world´s oceans. Research facilities such as this operate oceanographic research vessels, including several ocean-going ships; observation platforms, moorings and buoys; underwater vehicles; and towed cameras and other data-gathering equipment. Like workers on any ship, researchers and crew members on oceanographic research vessels are vulnerable to sustaining injuries in maritime accidents. They are required to work with heavy, cumbersome equipment and sometimes flammable, corrosive or explosive materials that can put them at risk. They are also subject to the same risks as others who work on ships, such as capsizing.

Injuries on Research Vessels are More Complicated Than They Seem

If you or a family member has suffered an injury while working as scientist or while studying in an educational program on a research vessel, contact a maritime attorney right away. Claims against research institutions are complicated by blurred lines of responsibility between researchers and crew members of research vessels. It is important to discuss the circumstances of your case with an attorney experienced in maritime law to determine how you can pursue compensation for an injury, what laws apply and what is the best course of action to receive compensation. Compensation can include damages for:

  • Past and future lost wages
  • Impairment of earning capacity
  • Past and future pain and suffering and mental anguish
  • Medical treatment and future medical treatment

Why You Need a Lawyer

If you were injured while working on an oceanographic research vessel, it is important to get legal advice to understand how to proceed with your case. The procedure to use may depend on how you job is categorized – as a researcher, as a crew member or as a scientist at an institution conducting marine research. Trying to decipher complex laws like the Jones Act, general maritime law and state law and apply them to your case without legal help could hurt your chances of recovering money for your injuries.

Experienced Maritime Trial Lawyers Who Can Help

Latti & Anderson LLP has been helping those injured at sea and on land for more than 50 years. We have obtained compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other costs of a serious injury. Whether your injury is covered under the Jones Act or any other federal maritime law, we make sure clients have the opportunity to obtain maximum benefits so they can recover and get back to work. Contact our maritime attorneys today to find out your options. We serve clients nationwide.