Our Maritime Attorneys Help Victims of Drunken Boating Accidents

The case against a man charged with killing two boys in a June 2012 boating accident has been delegated to a jury. Paul Bennett, the boat operator at the time of the accident, is facing charges of homicide by vessel, failure to render aid, reckless operation and boating under the influence.

On July 18, 2012, Bennett’s fishing boat collided with the front of a pontoon boat, killing a 9-year-old and 13-year-old boy. Bennett was offered a plea deal in early November to serve eight years in prison and 30 years on probation, but he refused. Each of Bennett’s homicide by vessel counts carry a three-year minimum and 15-year maximum, and each misdemeanor carries an extra year.

The family of the two young boys that were killed said that continuing the trial and not taking the plea bargain has “furthere[ed] pain and suffering” for family and friends of the boys.

Since the accident, lawmakers in Georgia have passed a law named after the young victims that will lower the legal alcohol limit for boaters in Georgia.

The U.S. Coast Guard has estimated that drunken boating accounts for one-third of all boating accidents. Thousands of injuries a year occur due to negligent boaters, and those who suffer from reckless operators deserve justice and compensation for their injuries.

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A maritime trial lawyer can help you seek compensation after a drunken boating accident. When boat operators and owners of boats are negligent, serious injuries and even death can occur. We understand the struggles families face when a loved one is taken too soon. Let us help you through this hard time in your life. Consult with one of our maritime trial lawyers today or tell us your story on Facebook.

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