Passengers Told to “Brace for Impact” in Staten Island Ferry Accident

Ferry operators told passengers to “brace for impact” when a Staten Island ferry collided into a Whitehall terminal dock in lower Manhattan on November 14. According to transportation department authorities, a “power disruption” may have caused the crash. Passengers on board said that the ferry collided with the dock hard and that operators “told everybody to get down.” According to the Advance, the boat lost steering control, causing the collision.

No serious injuries were reported from the incident, but passengers on board the ferry said that people were “freaking out.” On witness claimed, “You could see a lot of scared faces.” Authorities are still investigating the accident.

This accident occurs the same month that $1 million in damages was awarded to victims of a Wall Street ferry accident that occurred in January. A SeaStreak ferry collided into a concrete slip on January 9, injuring 85 people, two of which were in critical condition after the accident. A ferry accident in the same area also occurred in August when a ferry headed to Liberty Island struck a pier and injured eight people on board.

Many ferry accidents that end in injuries are avoidable if captain and crew follow proper safety measures and avoid reckless operating. Unfortunately, crewmembers are sometimes negligent and resulting accidents occur. Ferry workers also face a high risk of injury due to faulty equipment and other dangers on board. These workers are protected under the Jones Act and unseaworthiness under general maritime law.

Do I Need a Lawyer After a Ferry Accident?

If you are injured in a ferry accident, whether as a passenger or crewmember, our nationwide maritime attorneys can help you seek compensation for your injuries. Injuries from a ferry accident can require extensive medical bills and long-term rehabilitation that can take a significant toll on victims and their families. Let us help you get your life back together. Get in touch with us by contacting our attorneys on our website or connecting with us on Facebook. We have spent years representing those who have suffered because of negligent ferry operators and we are here to help you.

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