Seaman Sues Shipping Company after Barge Accident

A New Orleans seaman is suing his employer after being injured in a barge accident. According to the lawsuit, the vessel worker was on board the M/V Jean Laffitte when a collision occurred between the vessel and a barge, allegedly as a result of the ship captain’s negligence. The plaintiff suffered severe injuries to his arms in the collision.

The seaman is suing for failure to provide a reasonable and safe workplace, failure to provide adequate instruction, unseaworthiness and negligence. He is seeking damages for mental anguish, physical suffering, medical expenses and injuries to body and mind.

Maritime injuries can be complex, especially compared to injuries on land, due to the differing laws while out at sea. Maritime law is federal, which means a state’s laws will not apply if you are injured in a maritime accident. Years ago, the legislature decide to protect Merchant seamen  and people who worked on water and allow them to bring a lawsuit against their employer and the owner of the vessel for the damages that they incurred from past and future lost wages, past and future pain and suffering and mental anguish and payment of medical bills.  When maritime workers are injured, their entire families suffer. An experienced maritime attorney can help you get compensation and assistance under the Jones Act and general maritime law for unseaworthiness if you have been injured working at sea due to someone else’s negligence or the unseaworthiness of the vessel.

Every case of injured seamen is unique and the nationwide maritime trial lawyers at Latti & Anderson LLP are prepared to help anyone injured at sea get the compensation they deserve. We understand the financial strain a serious injury can put on victims and their families, and our focus and experience in maritime law makes us your best option for securing maximum compensation.

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