Sure You Can Rent This Jet Ski . . . Just Sign This Liability Waiver First

One way to cool off during the summer is to hit the water on a boat or Jet Ski. For people who do not own a boat or Jet Ski or whose vessel is not in working condition, numerous companies offer a solution: watercraft rental. When a person rents a watercraft, he or she typically has to sign a liability waiver. Companies use these waivers to protect themselves in the event a customer is injured or killed while operating a rental boat or Jet Ski or while riding as a passenger on one.

If you sustain injuries on a rental boat or Jet Ski after signing a liability waiver, you may be limited in terms of the compensation you can seek or ineligible to file a lawsuit at all. However, depending on the particular circumstances of your recreational boating accident and the jurisdiction in which it occurred, the liability waiver you signed may not be enforceable in a court of law.

For instance, if your maritime injury resulted from the rental company’s negligence or wrongdoing, such as failing to maintain the vessel or failing to outfit it with adequate safety equipment, then you may still have a case. Or, if the liability waiver violates any state or federal laws, a court may deem it unenforceable. An experienced maritime attorney can review the liability waiver you signed and determine what legal options you have.

Although liability waivers exist to protect businesses, signing a waiver does not necessarily preclude you from holding a watercraft rental company liable for your injuries. Need help determining how a liability waiver might affect your maritime personal injury case? Contact a Boston maritime attorney today.

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