Two Men Rescued from Sinking Fishing Vessel

In February, the U.S. Coast Guard assisted in rescuing two men from a fishing vessel that was taking on water. The incident occurred about nine miles east of Kennebunkport, Maine.

An 81-foot fishing vessel, known as the PLAN B, began taking on more water than its pumps could handle. The two men on board notified the Coast Guard, and the Coast Guard immediately responded by launching a helicopter crew and two rescue boat crews, in addition to issuing an urgent marine information broadcast (UMIB). The UMIB requested that boaters in the area assist the fishermen.

The crew of the CAMERAN LEE, another fishing vessel, responded to the Coast Guard’s UMIB and safely transferred both fishermen onto their boat. The fishermen made the right decision in abandoning their ship, because the PLAN B sunk just a few hours after it first began taking on water. Reports speculate that a ruptured pipe may have caused the flooding.

It is very important for vessels to be kept in a seaworthy condition and to have adequate and functioning communication and safety equipment. This incident could have turned into a true tragedy had the two men not been able to call for help or to safely get off the boat. When a maritime employer allows a vessel or any part of it to become unseaworthy, the employer may be held liable if one of its seamen is injured or killed.

A maritime attorney helps injured seamen, as well as the families of seamen who perish at sea, pursue claims under maritime unseaworthiness and defective equipment laws. Maritime laws are complex, making it important for injured seamen to seek the assistance of an experienced maritime attorney.

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