What Can I Do if I Suffered Burns in a Boating Accident?

The victims of burn injuries often have a long road to recovery ahead of them. Suffering a serious burn is one of the most devastating injuries a person can endure, because of the traumatic nature of the injury, combined with the lengthy, costly and painful rehabilitation process.

As nationwide maritime trial lawyer David Anderson explains in the video above, for commercial fishermen, merchant seamen and other maritime workers who have suffered an on-the-job injury, such as a serious burn, the Jones Act typically gives them some say over how their court case against those responsible for their injury will proceed, including:

  • Whether the case will be heard in a state or federal court
  • Whether their suit will be tried in front of a jury or if the jury will be waived in favor of having a judge decide the case

Canadian Navy Supply Ship Fire Leaves Nearly 20 Sailors Hurt

A February 27 engine-room fire aboard Canadian navy supply ship HMCS Protecteur left the vessel stranded for nearly two days and almost 20 sailors injured. According to The Times Colonist, the engine-room fire damaged the machinery that controls the ship’s propulsion.

Nearly 20 of the sailors who fought the fire sustained minor injuries, including smoke inhalation and dehydration. When the fire happened, the Protecteur was about 390 miles northeast of Hawaii, where it and its crew of 279 remained stranded after the blaze until the US Navy’s USS Chosin took the ship under tow.

“We will tow Protecteur back to Hawaii,” stated Commodore Bob Auchtherlonie of the Royal Canadian Navy. “Once she’s alongside, our first priority is the crew. And then we’re going to commence efforts to assess the damage on board Protecteur and prepare for her return to Esquimalt. I don’t know what form or what that looks like right now.”

Engine room are one of the most common fires whether be on tugs, tankers or fishing vessels.  Engine room fires can be devastating and causes serious injury and death to crew in the engine room.  It is very important the crew be provided with proper equipment to fight fire in engine room from proper fire suppression systems to safety equipment for crew who are trapped in the engine room of fire suits, blankets, mask, breathing apparatus to help them escape the fire. Boat owners and employers who fail to provide this equipment can be found to be negligent and the vessel is unseaworthy.

Latti & Anderson LLP has a history of representing crew and their families who been seriously injured and who died as a result of burns from working  in an engine room. For more information about maritime law and burn injuries or to discuss your situation with a qualified attorney, call our office today to schedule a free consultation.

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