Feds Investigating Fatal Pacific Santa Ana Drillship Accident

The Associated Press reports that federal investigators are looking into the death of a worker that occurred on October 20 on a drillship in the Gulf of Mexico.

The news source reported that the accident took place about 200 miles south of Lake Charles, La., in an area known as Keathley Canyon block 96. The drillship was allegedly preparing to bore a well for Chevron when the accident occurred.

The Pacific Santa Ana drillship was reportedly in about 4,800 feet of water and had not penetrated the sea floor when the incident took place. Operations aboard the vessel were immediately shut down following the accident.

The AP reported that very little else is known about the incident—the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement and the Coast Guard flew to the site and began investigating it last week.

Chevron reportedly operates in the area with a lease. Houston-based Pacific Drilling released a statement following the incident saying it was “actively addressing the needs of (the worker’s) family and the affected employees.” The victim was allegedly a contractor.

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Source: http://fuelfix.com/blog/2015/10/20/feds-probing-death-of-worker-on-gulf-drillship/