Do Manholes Pose a Danger to Shipyard Workers?

Colonna’s Shipyard, a ship repair facility, is facing $101,000 in possible fines for negligence. More specifically, the company is accused of violating 12 safety and health regulations, including four repeat offenses.

For instance, a worker in the Norfolk, Virginia facility was welding a part of a U.S. Navy vessel in an area that happened to have many open manholes, which were as much as 30 feet deep. Including the dangers of a fall, OSHA investigators found that workers were exposed to electrical hazards due to defective equipment and unguarded machinery.

Shipyard companies are required to ensure the safety of their workers. Employers are helped with this task by many well thought out safety regulations so that their workers can do their job without the fear of an injury.

What If I Have Been Injured While Working in a Shipyard?

In this video, maritime attorney David Anderson explains how the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act might apply to you if you are injured on land near navigable waters, such as in a shipyard.

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