Alaska Longshoreman Dies in Equipment Accident

According to Alaska Dispatch News, a longshoreman working at the Port of Anchorage died in March after he was pinned between two pieces of equipment.

The news source reported that the man was loading military equipment between rail cars on a Totem Ocean Trailer Express (TOTE) ship when he got “pinched” on March 13. The accident reportedly occurred on top of a rail car. The man died at the scene of the incident. The equipment was to be transported to the Fort Wainwright Army base in Fairbanks.

A representative for the Port of Anchorage said that TOTE had the contract to move the equipment, and Sea Star Stevedoring employed the man. Officials with TOTE said they are working with the Anchorage Independent Longshore Union, Local No. 1, to determine the cause of the incident.

It was the fourth death at the Port of Anchorage in the last four years.

Working With an Attorney Following a Dock Incident

If your loved one is killed in a dock accident, you should speak to a maritime attorney about your rights. Often, because they work with heavy objects and various companies contract work out, longshoremen are protected by federal laws including the Longshore Act.

Additionally, in many instances following a death on a dock or port, family members can pursue third-party claims against another person or company, in addition to an employer. This occurs when an entity other than a coworker or employer contributes to an accident—for example, when an object manufactured by a third party is defective, resulting in the injury or death of a worker.

In the video above, attorney David Anderson explains the importance of the Longshore Act. Continue to follow our blog for further information about maritime news.

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