Are There Specific Laws Protecting Dockworkers and Longshoremen?

If you are a dockworker or longshoreman who has been injured or your loved one has been killed, you should know that you have very specific legal rights when it comes to obtaining compensation.

Injured longshoremen, dockworkers and harbor workers have legal options under state or federal workers compensation law. For example, the Longshore Act provides money for lost wages, medical benefits and rehabilitation services for those injured in onshore accidents.

Additionally, if your loved one is killed in an onshore accident, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit or seek certain workers’ compensation death benefits, in addition to any money that may be available to you under federal law.

Under the Longshore Act  benefits may include:

  • Injured workers receive two-thirds of their average weekly pay if they are permanently disabled and left without an earning capacity
  • Injured workers receive two-thirds of their average weekly pay if they are temporarily disabled and able to return to work after a specific period
  • Payment of medical treatment including therapy and rehabilitation
  • Payment of medical equipment necessary to treat injuries
  • Damages are provided for lost body parts
  • Death benefits are available, if your loved one has been killed

The best way to find out which laws apply to your case is to speak to our maritime attorneys. We can investigate an accident and determine whom you can hold accountable. We offer a free consultation, through which you explain your situation.

New Jersey Family Seeks Answers Following Dock Worker Death

We bring this subject up because a family in New Jersey went to the media recently to demand answers after a loved one was killed in a longshore accident.

According to WABC-TV, a 49-year-old mother of three was killed on August 7 when she was struck by a piece of equipment that moves shipping containers in Newark. The woman was working at APM Terminal when the incident occurred.

The victim reportedly worked on the docks for more than 18 years and her father said she knew the equipment well, which left him confused as to why the accident occurred. APM Terminal released a statement saying that they are cooperating with the New Jersey Port Authority Police and OSHA, which are conducting an investigation into the accident.

Speak to Our Maritime Attorneys if a Dock Accident Has Affected You

Again, if your loved one dies or you are injured in an onshore accident, you should speak to our maritime attorneys about your legal rights.

We understand that no amount of money will bring your loved one back after he or she dies, and that it may not help you heal if you are permanently disabled due to an accident, but damages may be able to help your family recover financially.

Visit our verdicts and settlement page to read more about the commercial accident victims our law firm represents. In the video above, maritime attorney David Anderson discusses the Longshore Act and how it may help you recover following an accident.

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