Is It Safe to Use a Forklift While Working in a Cargo Hold?

The process of loading and unloading ships is known as stevedoring, and those who load and unload ships are known as stevedores, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Recently, a stevedore was injured in a forklift accident at the Alabama State Docks while in the cargo hold of a vessel. According to WFNA-TV, the incident happened on a Sunday morning at the Mobile facility’s Pier 6 inside a vessel named San.

WFNA reported that the stevedore, who was not an employee of the State Docks, somehow became pinned by a forklift while working in the San’s cargo hold. Mobile Fire-Rescue had to be called in to free the man. Afterwards, he was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The report did not indicate whether or not an investigation into the incident was ongoing.

Can a Maritime Trial Lawyer Help Me If I Was Hurt on a Ship That Wasn’t Out at Sea?

In the video above, nationwide maritime trial lawyer David Anderson discusses the Longshore Act, which allows maritime attorneys to handle cases involving certain land-based accidents if they occurred near the water.

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