Coast Guard Alert Compilation Reveals 18 Years of Safety Concerns

Coast Guard Alert Compilation Reveals 18 Years of Safety Concerns

Have you ever wondered why the U.S. Coast Guard releases safety alerts? Recently, the Coast Guard compiled a list of all of the alerts it issued between 1996 and 2014, and browsing through the catalog is quite interesting.

For example, a safety alert issued in November 2014 warned readers about the accidental release of CO2 during safety demonstrations and fuel oil shut-off events. The Coast Guard discussed how this occurred during an exam that took place with guardsmen onboard, prior to the alert’s release. The agency said that this could pose significant risks.

“During a recent Uninspected Towing Vessel (UTV) exam, a vessel crewmember intending to test the fuel oil shut-off cables instead pulled the CO2 system release cables,” the release said. “Accidental releases are not uncommon and vessel crewmember and Coast Guard inspector fatalities have occurred in the past.”

Another safety alert, issued in May 2014, discussed slips, trips and falls on tour boats. The alert mentioned an incident where a passenger fell into an unprotected stairwell on a vessel, suffering significant injuries. The Coast Guard warned that due to the design of some boats, cables should be investigated as an option for preventing stairwell falls for people not familiar with a boat.

To read the safety alert compilation further, you can click here.

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