Connecticut Man Receives Three Years in Fatal Boat Accident

Connecticut Man Receives Three Years in Fatal Boat Accident

On March 21, a 43-year-old Connecticut man was sentenced to three years in prison after killing his best friend in a crash while boating under the influence (BUI).

The accident occurred in April of 2012 when a group of friends, including the Connecticut man and the victim, headed out to Mashapaug Pond at Bigelow Hollow State Park in Union, Connecticut for the start of fishing season. On the way to the park, the friends bought a bottle of Bacardi rum and a 30-pack of Natural Ice beer, according to authorities.

Several of the 20 witnesses to the fatal crash reported seeing the 43 year old drinking alcohol on the day of the wreck, with some even stating that he looked drunk that night and had been drunk the two nights prior as well. The man and the victim, who were best friends and business partners, headed out onto the water late on the night of the wreck in a 17-foot bass boat.

“Investigators were able to determine that the boat had been traveling at 43.5 mph in a 10-mph, no-wake zone,” stated the prosecutor.

During the wreck, the victim was thrown from the boat, hit a tree and fell into the water. He died four days later of asphyxia due to submersion.

“There are no words that can take away the hurt when you find out in the middle of the night that your son, your brother has died,” the judge told the 43 year old as he sentenced him. “Your actions on April 21, 2012 were irresponsible. You, and only you, are the reason why [the victim] is not with you. In the end, it was your actions that killed your best friend.”

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Anytime people get behind the wheel of a boat drunk, they are not only being reckless with their own life but that of anyone else around them. If you or a family member was hurt due to the actions of a drunk boater, the consequences can often be devastating for you and your loved ones.

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